Travel agency in Georgia “Migioni”, located in Tbilisi, offers you traveling to Georgia.

Georgia is a country of ancient history. People lived here 1800000 years ago, which is ascertained by the archeological excavations in the town of Dmanisi, which discovered the most ancient human skeletons in Europe.

Georgia is an ancient Christian country. Tourists are able to visit different regions of our country. They will learn about the ancient and unique architectural monuments of culture and fortresses, they will enjoy an excellent Georgian nature.

Georgia is a country of ancient viniculture. During your travelling you will taste excellent Georgian wines every day, learn about the Georgian cuisine and traditions.

Our travel agency in Georgia offers you 5-day, 7-day, 10-day, 12-day and 14-day travelling tours as follows: Gourmet tour and wine tour, air tour, cultural tour, jeep tour 4x4, biking, rafting, horse riding, photo tour, beach, bird-watching, mountaineering, fishing tour, mountain vacation, Heliskiing, off-piste skiing and piste skiing.

Travel agency in Georgia “Migioni” is sure that organized by it travelling through Georgia will be interesting and attractive for tourists.

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