Horse riding

Travel agency in Georgia “Migioni” offers you 4, 7, 11 and 12-day horse riding in Georgia in particular in Lagodekhi protected area and in Tusheti region. You will be provided with a guide at the routes.

4-day tour –Lagodekhi protected area; Horse riding nearly 80 km.
7-day tour– Tusheti region ; Horse riding nearly  140 km.
11-day tour – 3 day Horse riding in Lagodekhi  protected area,4th day transportation from Lagodekhi to Tusheti by Jeeps,7 day Horse riding in Tusheti region. Horse riding nearly  200 km.  
12-day tour  – 4 day Horse riding in Lagodekhi  protected area,5th day transportation from Lagodekhi to Tusheti by Jeeps,7 day  Horse riding in Tusheti region. Horse riding nearly  220 km.

Lagodekhi Protected Areas are located in the furthest northeast corner of Georgia, distanced approximately 170 km from Tbilisi, and is situated on the southern slopes of the main ridge of the Greater Caucasus. The Protected Area’s altitude ranges from 400 to 3,500 m above sea level and covers 22266 hectares. Lagodekhi Gorge was declared a preserve in 1912. These places attract the tourists by the diversity of the landscape, beautiful water falls, deep gorges, numerous rivers and streams, alpine lakes, many rare animals. Admirably rich Lagodekhi forests and mountains are distinguished not only in Georgia but in the whole Caucasus by their diversity. The difference of altitudes in the preserve makes up 3000 m; this huge territory, beginning with grove in the lowland and finishing with as-if lifeless rocks in high mountains, represents a great diversity itself. The number of endemic species is astonishing – 121 species in Lagodekhi only occur in the Caucasus and nine only in Georgia. The highest peak of the alpine pastures is the domain of Tur and the Caucasian Snowcock. Slightly below is the habitat of Chamois and Deer. Roe Deer can be seen almost everywhere in Georgia. Lagodekhi grove is the habitat of the Wild Boar. Golden Eagles and Griffon Vultures can be easily seen at alpine meadows. In Lagodekhi Mountains live the variety of owls, Caucasian Black Grouse, Willow Grouse and many species of birds.

Tusheti –one of the high mountainous region in Georgia, is situated in the north-east part of Georgia, in the north part of the great Caucasus range. It is one of the beautiful and ecologically well kept region in Georgia. It is not accidental that the number of tourists are increasing annually.   Tusheti with its snowy peaks, unique pine forests, mountainous rivers, old villages, castles and traditional hospitality always attracted and attracts guests. The protected territory of Tusheti is 113660 hectare. From this 69515 hectare is national park territory, which is the greatest national park in Europe.

Our travel agency in Georgia always provides the tourists with interesting programs.

Tourist season
July 1- October 15

Our Service includes
  • meeting at the airport and hotel accommodation of tourists
  • hotel charges
  • providing with horses at tourist routes (you can enjoy traveling on foot through tourist routes as you wish)
  • providing a guide
  • three meals a day
  • seeing off the tourists

Video about Lagodekhi, Georgia

Video about Tusheti, Georgia